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Seasonal Outline

Spring Plantingdb120

With the addition of a new John Deere DB120 central fill planter, our operation can reduce downtime and maximize working hours by utilizing 48 rows of planting capability. This machine is 30% more efficient than the 36 row machine that was utilized by Brelsford Farms 2 years ago. With the addition of Greenstar guidance systems, we are able to map and track down to inch accuracy when moving through the field. The use of automatic row shut-off ensures that every seed kernal is placed in the correct position and minimizing coverage overlaps. Covering 90-100 acres an hour depending on conditions allows for excellent productivity.


Summer Application4920

Covering 3 counties of fields can be challenging when your start thinking of logistics but with the capabilities of the John Deere 4920, a 120' swath can cut into a field quickly. With over 5000 gallons of capacity combined with a tanker trailer setup, our wait time is minimal for product. All fields are mapped with Greenstar GPS and automatic section shut-off saves product and overages.



Fall Harvestdrago cornhead

The importance of covering acres in the fall, falls to a special group of machines and employees. Long hours of operating and dealing with mother nature can preset many difficult challenges when harvest rolls around. Our ability to do more with less, outlined in Corn & Soybean Digest, has proven to be what is needed to successfully run an efficent operation.



Auger Cart DumpThe front lines of efficentcy starts with our 16 row Drago chopping corn head. When paired with the John Deere 9870 combine, both compliment each other and get the job done, quick. Doing 25 acres per hour under ideal conditions calls for a well coordinated team of employees and an efficient operational setup to handle that type of output. Well maintained Peterbuilt semis with roll-top covers and experienced drivers allow for quick grain movement to and from the field. A 1600 bushel graincart keeps the combine moving and allows for less man power in the field. At our grain elevator facility, quick weigh in and fast dumping create fast turnaround, allowing the cycle to be completed.

Winter Prepartion

Winter maybe the end of a crop season but the planning and shop work must be completed for the next. Upkeep on machinery takes time and having skilled hands to maintain working order on all of the equipment is priceless. Our operation takes pride in the cleanliness of the equipment and facilities that make it all work.

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